State by State Guide to APU Weight Exemptions

Auxiliary Power Units, otherwise known as APU’s, are used by truckers to limit fuel consumption while idling without losing the ability to power the internals of a sleeper cab. They are designed to ensure efficiency and comfort for the driver over the course of their haul. This is as beneficial to the experience of the… Read more »

Specialized Flatbed Carriers: A Primer on Dimensions

Here at Power Only Transit, a lot of what we do when we are putting together a price quote for a client is calculate dimensions. The dimensions of the piece of heavy equipment, oil drilling component, mining machinery, crane, or other load that needs to be moved is just the starting point. The rest of… Read more »

No Construction Equipment Shipping Job Too Big

One of the factors that our clients depend on us to work out for oversized, overweight trailer transport jobs like construction equipment shipping is route planning. If you think about a transport job that spans multiple states, it’s obvious that there are going to be a lot of bridges to travel under or over. The… Read more »

When Heavy Equipment Transportation Takes Five Trailers

To finish up our blogging for 2016, we thought we would tell you about a truly large-scale heavy equipment transportation project. Moving a piece of oversized equipment on a flatbed trailer is certainly a complex task, but what about when that piece of oversized equipment is so large it cannot fit on a single trailer… Read more »

A Flatbed Transportation Job That’s Both Heavy and “Light”

Flatbed transportation often, but not always, involves items that are oversized, overweight, or both. If you read our blogpost from October, you’ll remember that we mentioned what might be a surprising fact: an item that is not necessarily heavy, but is very long or tall, can actually present trickier transportation challenges than a heavier item… Read more »

What the Average Guy Doesn’t Know: Flatbed Transportation

If you’ve ever helped a friend move, you may have gone through the rather stressful process of figuring out how to secure a load on a pickup truck so that nothing falls out on the road. Sometimes you have to exercise quite a bit of creativity to come up with a solution that holds everything… Read more »

Why Specialized Hauling Companies Are Critical

It takes a lot of inspection, maintenance, licensing, repairs, and other procedures just to get a standard trailer on the road safely. When the load is decidedly not standard, the effort required to keep the towing job safe, on time, and affordable is much greater. Specialized hauling companies like Power Only Transit offer their clients… Read more »

What Driverless Technology Means for a Trailer Towing Service

Driverless technology comes up in conversation quite a bit these days, not only in the context of the standard auto industry, but also in the trucking industry. According to the boldest predictions, the trailer towing service of the near future will rely heavily on driverless technology to get freight across the country—more safely, quickly, and… Read more »