Q: Are You a Shipping Company?

A: We do not execute trailer shipping “in-house.” In other words, we do not own a fleet of trucks; rather, we are a logistics company with a network of carrier relationships across the United States.

Q: Can I Count On Communication Throughout the Job?

A: One of our top priorities is serving each and every client with personal, responsive assistance. You can count on the same high level of engagement throughout the job that you would expect from an in-house logistics department.

Q: Do You Handle Unusual Loads?

A: You would be hard pressed to find a load more unusual than the ones we’ve already handled. We specialize in getting your trailer, equipment, vehicle, or “whatever” shipped safely and legally to where it needs to go.

Q: What About Safety Regulations?

A: If your freight has specific hazardous material, oversized, or interstate transport regulations, we will take care of those details or else tell you exactly what your responsibilities are concerning them.

Q: What If Something Goes Wrong During My Transport?

A: We’ve come to expect the unexpected, even when a trailer is brand new and the trailer transport job seems absolutely routine. If a tire blows out, the truck breaks down, or a natural disaster strikes, we stand by your side and offer to do what needs to be done.

Q: What Logistics Services Do You Provide?

A: All of them! If you had a logistics department as part of your company, you would expect to be able to hand over all your shipping responsibilities to it. We work with you the same way, handling all tasks from locating a carrier to making sure that your trailer gets safely to its destination.

Q: Where Do I Start?

A: Fill out our “Get a Quote” form and we will get back to you right away. We can’t wait to work with you!