Flatbed Transportation

Typically, flatbed transportation has a long list of considerations for the movers to manage. If the load is exceptionally heavy and oversized, a number of precautions are in order to make sure that the flatbed transportation goes according to plan. The carrier may have to take alternate routes to avoid tunnels, bridges, and narrow roads; signage and other warning notices may be required by law to keep other drivers safe; and a pilot or escort car may have to travel with the truck.

We Make Flatbed Transportation Easy
Flatbed transportation is one of the services that we help our clients with every day. Once you give us the details of your freight, its origin and destination, we are ready to find the carrier with the equipment to get it moved for you. Our logistics services include advising you on what safety requirements apply to your job, arranging for all the necessary personnel and equipment, and keeping an eye on the trailer’s progress every mile of the way.

Contact us today for help with your flatbed trailer transportation needs. No matter how big, how wide, or how heavy it is, we have a carrier in our database that would be happy to move it with our help.