Heavy Haul Transportation

For a company that relies on heavy machinery, heavy equipment transportation can be one of two things. It can be a streamlined, efficient element of its process that consistently gets that equipment to its destination and supports the company’s growth. If mishandled, however, it can be a drain on the company’s resources as employees struggle to find solutions and end up overpaying for transport. If your priority is making heavy haul transportation an asset for your company instead of a headache, Power Only Transit is available to help.

Heavy Equipment Transportation Experience
At Power Only Transit, we have the extensive knowledge and practical experience in moving heavy equipment that your company needs. When we take on your job, we also take on your priorities and, in effect, act as your logistics department. Our team works closely with you to determine your heavy haul transportation needs and how we can best meet them while providing safety, security, and the best possible driver rates. Our creativity and our thorough knowledge of the logistics industry often allow us to suggest alternatives to a client’s current transport procedures, saving the client money and getting the job done in less time.

From mining equipment to oil drilling components to cranes, we have helped companies around the country with heavy equipment transportation of all types. Many of our contracts are ongoing efforts, moving equipment to and from a network of locations according to strict timetables. Some deliveries take place on military installations, adding the factors of driver background checks and limited assistance while loading/unloading heavy equipment. For extremely large loads, we coordinate the use of specialized transport equipment such as gooseneck trailers and dollies. Throughout each of these activities, we do everything possible to ensure the safety of the shipment and of the drivers that pass it on the highways.

Heavy Haul Freight Brokers
Moving oversized, overweight loads over the country’s highways requires large amounts of preparation, obtaining of permits, securing loads, and route planning that the average person never thinks about. Expert heavy haul freight brokers thoroughly understand all of these requirements, and they put that understanding to work for each client just as an in-house logistics department would.

When a small company needs to move a large item on a one-time basis, it is very unlikely that the company has the logistics knowledge in-house to locate the best local drivers, negotiate the best rates, and verify that all safety precautions are respected. By outsourcing these tasks to a third-party logistics service, that small company can enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated, staffed logistics department and get the best results possible.

Even a large corporation with its own logistics department and fleet of trucks occasionally has seasonal or one-time transportation needs that exceed its capabilities. Heavy haul freight brokers come alongside these fleets to provide extra trucks and manpower to fill in the gap, meeting or exceeding the quality of the company’s own transportation department.

Heavy Haul Transport Examples
Heavy haul freight brokers assist with the transportation of a wide variety of overweight and/or oversized loads. Construction applications include the moving of very large components that cannot be broken down into smaller parts, such as bridge spans for temporary use during bridge construction. In the oil drilling industry, large drill bits and entire machines must often make their way around large regions, delivered and picked up from different locations according to strict timetables. Heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and other vehicles are another good example of heavy haul transport. Power Only Transit’s heavy haul freight brokers have executed these and many other large-scale projects for their clients—we have even moved a submarine across the United States and back!

Your Heavy Haul Transportation Needs
At Power Only Transit, we understand that every client is unique. Each of our heavy equipment transport projects deserves and receives our full attention, not only during the preparation phases but also during transit and delivery. When a blown tire or mechanical breakdown occurs, we are available and immediately get to work to determine the most affordable, efficient solution to the issue. We then get the client’s approval for the solution, execute it, and get the load back on the road toward its destination. This ongoing assistance is a major departure from the policies of most trucking companies and logistics providers, and is one of the reasons that our heavy equipment transportation clients tend to stick with us for the long term.

Email us today to tell our heavy haul freight brokers about your transportation needs and get the help of an expert logistics team.