Mining Equipment Transportation

Mining equipment transportation is a topic that companies tend to fear—and for good reason. Moving enormous, specialized pieces of equipment on public roads is a recipe for disaster if the people involved do not know exactly what safety protocols to follow, or if they are inclined to “cut corners” for the sake of speed and convenience. Even when a mining equipment transportation job goes according to plan, a company often ends up paying too much simply because it does not have the logistics expertise in-house to negotiate better rates. Power Only Transit is your source for logistics services when you need to move mining equipment, oil drill components, and other oversized units.

What Makes Mining Equipment Transportation Difficult
Perhaps the most important factor in mining equipment transportation is safety. In most cases, the units being moved are extremely large and heavy, and an accident on the highway would place many lives in danger. To keep your load safe until delivery is complete, your trailer’s permits and inspections must be in order. The driver must secure the load with the appropriate tools and double-check to ensure that it will not shift during transport. Finally, of course, the driver must be a reliable, experienced individual with a track record of accomplishing difficult heavy haul transportation jobs like yours.

As your logistics provider, Power Only Transit takes care of all details of your mining equipment transportation project. Our specialty is taking control of your project, using our experience and connections to line up the best driver and the best equipment, and finding specialized trailers, dollies, and other tools when necessary. Our clients hand over their mining equipment transportation duties to us just as they would hand them over to an internal logistics department, and we handle them with the same level of commitment to the client’s needs and priorities.

The Best Mining Equipment Transportation Rates
One of the major advantages that our mining equipment transportation clients enjoy is access to our very large network of connections with trustworthy, experienced drivers around the country. No matter where your pickup and delivery sites are located, we have the infrastructure to locate a professional driver in your area, match your schedule, and negotiate a fee that is much lower than the one your company could expect to achieve on its own.

If your company has its own logistics department in-house, or even a fleet of trucks and trailers of its own, Power Only Transit offers supplemental services when your transportation needs exceed its limits. It’s easy to get in touch with us, let us know about your one-time transportation project, and let us handle the rest.

If you have additional questions about our mining equipment transportation services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to assisting you!