Oversized Equipment Shipping

Some tasks simply require expertise and training, and oversized equipment shipping is one of those tasks. One does not have to look far to find headlines detailing accidents caused by the faulty handling of oversized loads, and your company does not need to find itself in one of those news stories! The safest route to shipping a trailer stocked with oversized equipment is to work with an experienced third-party logistics company that is ready to stand at your side until the transport job is complete.

Oversized Regulations Fines and potential highway accidents are in store for shippers that disregard the many state and federal regulations on oversized equipment shipping. When you let us set up a carrier for you, you can count on us to team together and ensure that we keep your freight legal and safe on the road. As part of our close involvement with every client, we take a personal approach to problem-solving when something goes wrong. That means less headache for you as the shipper, and a quicker resolution to any unexpected issues that arise during the trailer transport. We look forward to making your next oversized equipment shipping project a success. Please call (888-206-5830) to find out more about our full-service logistics.