Wide Load Transport

The service that you choose to handle your wide load transport job will be a huge factor in its success or failure. Unlike simpler transportation projects, wide load transport involves specific safety precautions, flagging, route planning, and sometimes the use of pilot vehicles to keep surrounding drivers safe. If your load is incorrectly secured, if your driver travels on roads too small for the trailer and its load, or if there is a problem at the delivery site, you could face serious legal and safety issues. Power Only Transit is a full-service logistics provider with an extensive history helping companies move oversized equipment in full accordance with all safety protocols.

Experienced, Safe Wide Load Transport
A safe wide load transport job depends on a driver who is knowledgeable and committed to observing all the safety rules that apply to the project at hand. He must have the right equipment for strapping down the load, and he must know what flags and signs are required to alert other drivers. Power Only Transit has a network of connections with these experienced, safety-conscious drivers across the country, and we support those drivers with expert help when it is needed.

Help Along the Way
At Power Only Transit, our experts have provided logistics for enough wide load transport jobs to know that anything can happen along the way. Whether it’s something as simple as a blown tire or something as large as an unexpected weather event that closes the highway, we keep our communication lines open on a constant basis while your oversized load is in transit. If an issue arises, we put together a proposal and contact you, the client, to get your approval. Once you sign off on the proposal, we do the work of coordinating the solution and seeing it through. We never drop a problem in your lap and expect you to solve it—instead, we act as your company’s own logistics department would and use our experience and connections to get the job done no matter what.

It is a mistake to undertake a wide load transport project if you have less than complete confidence in the logistics service that is serving you. You can trust Power Only Transit to give you expert, honest service from pickup to delivery, whatever happens along the way.